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Bookworm Adventures 2 PC Game Bookworm Adventures 2 PC System Requirement:Pentium: 1.5GHz CPUOS: Windows XP, 7, 8RAM: 512MBHDD: 250MB Bookworm Adventures 2 PC Game Screen-shoots: Bookworm Adventures.

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Watch out, because here comes Bookworm Adventures Deluxe, a spelling sensation of epical proportions! Help Lex the Bookworm confront the most terrible threat the Great Library has ever known by spelling words to vanquish villains, whomp foes and annihilate enemies. Discover gem tiles, magic potions and fabulous treasures as you battle through three enchanting storybooks, lots of engrossing mini-games and the frenzied Arena mode! Bookworm Adventures is the ultimate test of vocabularic might!Conquer 3 spellbinding storybooks and whomp over 150 foes. Master magical mini-games and the fast-paced Arena mode. Challenging fun for word masters and casual spellers alike! Unlock the Tome of Knowledge and tons of bonus features! Fantastic Gems, Potions and Treasres

Windows 98, 2000, XP, Me, Vista; Memory: 128 MB DirectX: 7.0 or later CPU: P2 50

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Bookworm Adventures is an all-ages spelling-based adventure game. In this game, you take on the role of Lex, a humble bookworm who goes on a quest through the books in his library. As Lex goes on his adventure, he will encounter and battle a range of opponents, including creatures from mythology and characters from classic novels.

The combat mechanic in Bookworm Adventures is based around the deadliest of fighting arts: spelling! Each fight begins with a grid of letter tiles. Lex spells out words from the available tiles; the longer the word, the more damage it does. Enemies don't bother with such niceties; they simply attack, inflicting damage on Lex. Some even destroy tiles, infect them so that they harm Lex or 'lock' them so that they can't be used.

More complications come from special tiles and items. Special tiles have abilities that inflict additional effects such as decreasing the damage of enemy attacks, healing Lex, or doing automatic damage every turn. You can earn these gem tiles by crafting particularly impressive words. Other special effects come from the items Lex earns during his quest; these can add to Lex's health, reduce the damage he takes or cause special effects. For instance, the powerful Hand of Hercules does extra damage when Lex spells the name of a metal such as 'TIN' or 'BRONZE.' Potions are one-shot items that heal Lex, power up his attacks or remove harmful conditions from him.

Throughout the game, you'll also compete in minigames that challenge your memory, vocabulary and knowledge. Succeed in these and you'll earn bonus gems and potions to help you in your quest. As you battle your way through the world of books, you'll also gradually unlock new minigames that you can return to if you want to play the game for a few minutes.


  • Charming cartoon graphics
  • Fast-paced spelling gameplay
  • Random element creates fun repeat play

Bookworm Adventures 2 Full Version Download


Bookworm Adventures 2 free. download full Version For Mac

  • Short campaign mode
  • No multiplayer gameplay
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