Download Smart Notebook 17 For Mac

  1. Download Smart Notebook 17 For Mac Windows 10
  2. Download Smart Notebook 17 For Mac Desktop
  3. Smart Notebook 17.1 Download
  4. Smart Notebook Basic Download

You can start the installer by downloading the installer from the SMART website.

Download Smart Notebook 17 For Mac Windows 10

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To download and start the installer from the website

  1. Go to

  2. If you have a product key, enter it into the Enter your key field.


    If you are looking for an older version of Notebook select Looking for an older version of Notebook or know what software you need? link.

  3. Complete steps 2-4 on the web page.

  4. Click DOWNLOAD.

  5. Save the file to a temporary location.

  6. Browse to and double-click the file.
    The SMART Learning Suite Installation Wizard appears.

To install the software using the installer

  1. Start the installer as described in the previous procedure.

  2. A window appears with the message “This package will run a program to determine if the software can be installed”, click Continue.

  3. The welcome screen appears, click Continue.

  4. Review the terms in the end user license agreement, and click Continue.

  5. The terms of software license agreement will appear, and if you accept the terms, click Agree.

  6. Select the check box if you want to join the Customer Experience Program, and then click Continue.

  7. Select the software you want to install.


    • SMART Notebook, SMART Product Drivers, and SMART Ink are selected by default. Handwriting recognition (English) is selected by default. You can select other languages if you want handwriting recognition in other languages.

    • SMART response 2 assessment tool is now included in the installation and replaces SMART Response.

    • If you select SMART Notebook, click it’s disclosure triangle, and then select the Gallery collections you want to install.

  8. Click Continue.

  9. Click Install.


    • If you install the software without a valid Product Key you’ll receive a 45-day trial.

    • A window for SMART Learning Suite maintenance program appears with the message:

      “This version of SMART Notebook software requires a paid subscription to SMART Learning Suite. Continue the installation for a 45-day trial.”

    • For further information see, the SMART Learning Suite webpage.

  10. The Installation Wizard will display the message, “The installation was successful. The software was installed”. Click Close.

SMART Notebook 17.1 software now allows you to sign in with your Google or Microsoft account. (Sign in is required to create and play most SMART lab activities.) After you sign in with one of these accounts, you and your students won’t have to sign in each time you want to use SMART response 2 or other activities that require sign in.

With one-time sign in, you can:

  • Have your students connect to your SMART lab and response 2 activities with one persistent code (students won’t have to reconnect every time).

  • Share lessons with your peers using an online link

  • Share your lessons on SMART Boards with iQ technology

  • Access limited features of Notebook after the trial period has ended


If you skip the sign in, you might not be able to use the activity that’s prompting you to sign in.

You will be prompted to sign in:

  • When using the SMART lab Creation Wizard for the first time

  • When using the SMART response 2, Shout It Out! and Monster Quiz activities

  • When using the Hand out activity

Download Smart Notebook 17 For Mac Desktop

When you start the software subsequent times, a new blank file opens automatically. To open the tutorial, select Help > Tutorial.

Learn more about Account sign-in.

Smart Notebook 17.1 Download

After the trial period, Notebook opens in limited mode unless you have activated it. Limited mode allows a user to access limited features of SMART Notebook software outside a trial or purchased subscription.

Smart Notebook Basic Download

When in limited mode, a watermark appears on the screen if you are not using a SMART Board. Learn more at SMART Notebook Features.

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