Download Youtube Playlist Mac Command Line

To save multi video playlist from YouTube as MP4 use online downloader. To convert video from YouTube to MP3, use a desktop app – YouTube Playlist Downloader for Mac and Windows.

Download YouTube clips via the command line or implement this functionality into your software, get entire playlists and control many settings What's new in youtube-dl 2020.09.20: Core. There’s an open-source, command-line program that allows you to download videos from a YouTube playlist all at once. What’s even better is you can use this program on Linux, Windows, and Mac. Since it’s written in wxPython, you’ll need a Python in.

5 Best Free Add Text to Video Editors Online (No Watermark) How To Brighten A Dark Video On Computer and Mobile; Top 4 Easy Ways to Add Background Music to Video No Watermark. Copy your video URL from YouTube that you need to download. You can use Ctrl+C or with the context menu. Paste in search field Paste YouTube video URL in the search field and click 'Search'.

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Download video or playlist. To download a video or the entire playlist from YouTube, just mention.

It's not possible to download all videos from this playlist.
Use application for downloading whole playlist by one click.
Download all videos in one click with the app
The music video is protected by copyright.
To download it use an application for personal use only.
Download all videos in one click with the app
Download all videos in one click with the app
How to download Video or MP3 from YouTube using online downloader
  1. Open YouTube and copy video link
  2. Return to this page and paste link
  3. Press Download
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Next, go to YouTube to find a playlist you want to download at once. Copy its URL by making right-click on any video from this YouTube playlist and select 'Copy video URL'. Return to a YouTube Downloader app, click 'Paste'. Select MP3 or MP4. Next click 'Download'.

How to download YouTube playlist

1. Run a YouTube Playlist to MP3 Converter and MP4 Downloader.

2. Copy the video link from YouTube. Return to the YouTube Playlist Downloader.

3. Click 'Paste'. Next click 'Yes' to download an entire playlist instead of a single video.

4. Select MP3 or MP4 output format and quality and click 'Download'.

Download Youtube Playlist Mac Command Line

5. Wait the app to download this playlist from YouTube.

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youtube-dl is probably the most popular command line YouTube (and not only) downloader for Linux but there's a new tool that tries to do things a bit differently.

mps-youtube is a new tool which, besides being able to download YouTube videos (either the whole video or just the audio), can also search and play YouTube videos and create local playlists, all from the command line.
By default, this is basically a YouTube audio player (and downloader), but you can enable (external) video playback from its options.

The tool uses mplayer for streaming but it can also use mpv, a relatively new mplayer fork.

Update: the tool was initially called 'pms-youtube' but that was quite an unfortunate name :) so the tool was renamed to mps-youtube.


Debian update: mps-youtube is now available in Debian unstable thanks to Zlatan Todoric: mps-youtube so install it using:
For Ubuntu, see below.
1. mps-youtube can be installed using pip. To Install pip (Python3 version) in Ubuntu, use the following command:

2. Then install mps-youtube using pip:
3. You'll also need mplayer, which you can install using the following command:

Later on, if you want to upgrade mps-youtube, use this command:

Download Youtube Playlist Mac Command Line Download

Arch Linux users can install mps-youtube via AUR.
If you want to use this with MPV, you can install it in Ubuntu (Saucy and Trusty) by using THIS PPA.

How To Download Youtube Playlist

mpsyt is also available for Windows and Mac OS X. See its GitHub page for installation instructions.


To run mps-youtube, use the following command:
To search for a video on YouTube, prefix your search with either '.' or '/'.
Example: to search for 'pantera', use:
Then, to play an item from the search results, enter its number. You can also use combinations, for instance use '1,2,3' to play items 1, 2 and 3, or '1-5' to play items 1 to 5. You can also use 'shuffle' or 'repeat' along with the track numbers, for example 'shuffle 1-4'.

To download an item, use:

How To Download A Full Youtube Playlist

for example, to download the 3rd search result, use 'd 3'.
By default, mps-youtube will only play (and download) the audio. To view (and optionally to download) the video instead, use this command:

By default, the tool uses mpv if found and if it's not installed, it uses mplayer. If you want to switch to mplayer, use this commands:

Download Youtube Playlist Mac Command Line Linux

To switch to mpv, use these commands:
You can find out all the available commands by simply entering 'h':
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