How To Download Pspp On Mac

Taking up fundamental statistics in my graduate course required me to download SPSS or PSPP for statistical analysis of large sets of data. SPSS is the easier one to install, and you can find it on IBM’s product page worth $1170 (Basic) – $7820 (Premium). If you’re like me, you just said “Hory shet!”

Being part of the 99% who needs money, I decided to opt for the more complicated installation of PSPP, which is a free open-source software alternative for SPSS. After three days of trying to get this to work on my Mac OSX, and finding out that it only takes a few hours, I decided to create this guide to help you avoid the mistakes I made.

There is a free alternative - PSPP and we've made a tutorial how to install it on your Mac. Besides allowing one to get a clear overview of the possible outcomes of a given action or trend, IBM SPSS Statistics also features a built-in statistical modeling tool that makes it. PSPP is a powerful and versatile utility designed as a free alternative for the proprietary program SPSS and, as a result, it provides numerous tools and features that can help you in the statistical analysis of sampled data. Open source IBM SPSS alternative for macOS. First of all, if you download the.


Let’s get it on!

Total Installation Time: 9 hours with Xcode download, 52 minutes without Xcode download (On a 10Mbps connection with a Macbook 2016)

ApplicationDownload TimeInstallation Time
Xcode8 hours10 minutes
Xcode CLI Tools10 minutes5 minutes
MacPorts1 minute10 minutes
PSPP5 minutes5 minutes
X111 minute 5 minutes

Step 1: Download Xcode, Xcode Command Line Tools, and MacPorts in that order

If you check out the PSPP documentation, you’ll find out that you first you have to install MacPorts. If you check the MacPorts documentation, it says you have to download the Xcode and the Xcode Command Line Tools. Xcode can be downloaded through the AppStore. MacPorts has a pkg installer ready for your OSX so that you just need to download, and double click the pkg for a breezy installation experience.

Step 2: Download PSPP via MacPorts

How To Download Pspp On Mac Computer

This can be done by opening Terminal and typing sudo port install pspp.

sudo port install pspp

Then hit the return key.

(Optional) Step 3: Download X11 for PSPPIRE

By this point, you have pspp ready to serve you, but when you try their GUI, it fails to load telling you that

Pspp Download Windows 10

GTK-Warning: cannot open display

This means you’re missing the required X server needed to run the application. This is remedied by downloading and installing X11 from here.

Step 4: Launch PSPP / PSPPIRE

In the Terminal app, simply type


to launch the Command Line Interface (CLI) of pspp OR


to launch the Graphical User Interface (GUI) of pspp which is claimed to be 90% much like SPSS

Step 5: Enjoy

That’s it! Why did it take me 3 days? because I had trouble with PSPPIRE which made me try to follow a forum post that was dated years ago. It entailed downloading so many packages that took forever. Thankfully, I chanced upon this post on my third day of struggle, and found the secret ingredient of using X11.

Thank you internet!

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