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BELLEVUE, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Parallels® (, a global leader in cross-platform solutions and creator of industry-leading software for running Windows® applications on a Mac®, today launched Parallels Toolbox 1.5 for Windows ( The new suite of easy-to-use tools simplifies tedious everyday computing chores down to just a click or two, so PC users can quickly get the job done and supercharge their productivity. Additionally, Parallels Toolbox Business Edition launched today making it easy for businesses to provide employees with the time-saving tools they need, while giving IT admins the total control and flexibility they require.

Parallels Toolbox 1.5 for Windows Dramatically Simplifies Daily PC Computing Life with New Suite of Easy-to-Use Time-Saving Tools. Parallels Toolbox allows everyone to make the most out of their Mac or PC—without learning complicated system settings. Download a 7-day trial or buy for macOS or Windows 10.

  • Downloading Parallels Toolbox for Mac. If the download does not start automatically, click here to download manually. To install, please follow these simple steps.
  • Parallels Toolbox is full to the brim with more than 30 tools in this “lightweight, powerful, all-in-one” application for Mac and Windows. The software creator promises an easy to use and economical experience for the user, combining a wealth of handy features for a.

“Many employees lose valuable time every week struggling with how to get basic things done simply and quickly – like prevent presentation disruptions, clean the drive, record video of their screen to share or convert to the right format, securely archive files and more. Available solutions are unnecessarily complex, and manual steps can be hard to remember,” said Jack Zubarev, President of Parallels. “With Parallels Toolbox, users and businesses can quickly accomplish common tasks in just a click, and it provides an ever-growing suite of tools at their fingertips to get things done and be more productive.”

New Tools in Parallels Toolbox 1.5 for Windows include:

  • Presentation Mode – avoid embarrassing disruptions: One click hides desktop files, blocks email, message notifications, prevents sleep mode, and automatically detects and adjusts resolution for external displays. It will even remember your desired settings for each monitor and automatically make proper adjustments every time you reconnect. Click again to instantly restore everything. Demo video: How to Avoid Disruptions to Your PC Presentation (
  • Clean Drive – reclaim disk space before you run out: Quickly scan and detect duplicate files for easy review and removal, discover the largest files, remove temporary OS and applications files, and free up potentially gigabytes of space in just a click for improved PC performance
  • Switch Resolution – instantly make your screen easy on the eyes: Change display resolutions in a snap to make text and images displayed on screen easy to read. Demo video: How to Quickly Change Your PC Screen Resolution (

New Enhanced Versions of Existing Parallels Toolbox Tools:

Parallels toolbox appParallel Toolbox 2.5 Mac Download

It’s never been easier to record screen videos with your preferred audio source, or to capture screen shots of just the area that you want to share:

  • Record Area: Preselect your preferred video resolution, audio settings, time-delay and even highlight your mouse clicks. Simply click and drag your cursor to highlight the area you want to record and click inside of it to start. Stop recording by clicking again and your video file will appear on your desktop.
  • Capture Area: Select your desired file format (PNG, JPEG, TIFF, PDF and GIF) and time delay. Highlight just the area of your screen that you want to capture and then click to have your customized image appear on your desktop.
  • Record Screen: Record full-screen video with audio from the computers microphone, system sound or muted, and optional highlighted mouse clicks to help viewers follow along. Users with multiple displays can simply click on the display they want to record.

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Popular productivity tools in Parallels Toolbox 1.5 for Windows also include:

Streamlined Screen Video/Audio Recording, Downloading, and Conversion

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Easily change default preference settings to simply record video with your desired audio source, or to capture screen shots in the format you need, in just one click.

  • Download Video: Select your desired resolution (max, up to 1080p, 720p or 360p) and location where you want your video saved for convenient access. Demo video: How to Download a YouTube Video to Your PC in a Snap (
  • Convert Video: Drag and drop almost any video or URL for your favorite movie or TV show to the tool to simply convert it to MP4 in the resolution you selected so it can be played on phones and tablets.
  • Take Photo: Instantly take photos using the PC’s camera and the image file immediately appears at your pre-selected destination such as desktop or a folder.
  • Capture Screen: Click anywhere to take a screenshot of the entire screen and automatically save the image in a variety of formats (PNG, JPEG, TIFF, and GIF) to your desktop or pre-selected folder.

Parallel Toolbox 2.5 Mac Download Version

Enhanced Presentations and Screen Sharing

  • Hide Desktop: Instantly hide files, folders and icons on your desktop for clutter-free presentations.
  • Do Not Disturb: Disable all notifications and animations that could interrupt your work or presentation in one click, without having to change settings in each application.
  • Do Not Sleep: Disables all system settings that cause the computer to sleep.
  • Launch: With just one click, open several related items at once — such as applications, documents, folders, links or other files. Simply drag the files to the tool’s window to create a sequence of items that automatically open the next time you click the tool’s icon.

Improved PC Productivity

  • Archive: Easily create compressed and password-protected archives of your files from various locations, to save space or share them, by dragging files and folders to this tool window – no need to move or copy files to a single folder.
  • Unarchive: Quickly unpack archives of various file compression formats—such as RAR, RPM, XAR, and Z—including those not supported by the built-in system utility. Double-clicking these files opens unarchive and starts unpacking, even password-protected archives.

Parallels Toolbox Business Edition

IT admins get total control with Parallels Toolbox Business Edition, which makes it simple to deliver time-saving and help-ticket-reducing tools to employees based on their individual needs:

  • Manage licenses and subscriptions
    • Unified volume license key: Quickly and easily deploy to all computers across the organization with a single license key that activates multiple copies of Parallels Toolbox.
    • License Management Portal: Simple, user-friendly dashboard enables IT administrators to view license key, expiration dates and track the number of individual licenses in use and available.
    • Split license key into sublicenses: Protect the master license key by creating sublicenses with a limited number of individual licenses and custom expiration dates.
  • Deploy and Customize
    • Mass Deployment and Administration: Parallels Toolbox Business Edition is quickly and easily deployed on computers across an organization with standard software development tools.
    • Customizable Tool Library: Quickly and easily customize and control the list of tools available to staff based on individual needs.

Availability and Pricing

What Is Parallels Toolbox

Parallels Toolbox 1.5 for Windows, as well as the separately announced Parallels Toolbox 2.5 for Mac, are each available today as a stand-alone product at for $19.99 per year. Each annual license includes free updates of new and enhanced tools as they become available several times a year.

About Parallels

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