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Welcome to the Orre Region! This is Pokemon XG Next Gen, a ROM HACK of Pokemon XD Gale Of Darkness! I've been waiting to LP this game and when I found out th.

Play as one of Sega's most iconic characters in this 20th anniversary game

Sonic the Hedgehog has been around for 20 years, as of 2011, and to commemorate this monumental achievement, Team Sonic released Sonic Generations. Generations truly is a game that spans the generations of Sonic, and allows players to play as both classic and modern versions of the speedy blue hedgehog. The enemy, a time eater, supplies the premise as it creates time holes, pulling Sonic through three different eras of Sonic the Hedgehog. Players get to play through classic Sonic levels, levels from the Dreamcast era as well as levels from modern systems. The game is a nice homage to twenty years of Sonic the Hedgehog and was generally received with positive reviews, which was nice as the recent crop of Sonic games up to that point had floundered.

Game Play


This game is about going fast while platforming and finding rings and chaos emeralds, fans of the series won't be too befuddled by the game play and mechanics. Each sonic, classic and modern, is required to do a level in each area. Collecting golden rings gives a damage buffer against losing one of the five starting lives, red rings will give access to new abilities. Collecting 100 rings or finding a monitor in an item chest will get an extra life for sonic. Finding and freeing Sonic's friends and restoring the times and places that are being threatened by the Time Eater and Doctor Eggman. Bonus artwork and other locked rewards are also available to earn when finding certain items or spending earned points in the skill shop.


The neatest part of Sonic Generations is the homage it pays to past generations of the game. Classic and modern enemies serve as the bosses for each areas and Sonic will be using his past and present selves to battle against the past and present selves of Doctor Eggman. Level design has new levels and classic levels from past versions of the game so fans get a good mash up of classic favorites and new content. Graphics are good enough and the soundtrack has what fans expect from a Sonic game.


Next gen pokemon
  • Great tribute to old and new Sonic
  • Secrets and locked content give good rewards for finding secret areas and items


Pokemon Xg Next Gen Iso Download

  • This game has a relatively short length
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